Michiyuki Yagi’s Lab (English TOP) 日本語 (Japanese)


Class (early 2019)

Environmental Economics II (4th on Thu.)
  • Place: 3rd Lecture Room
  • Class materials: all 15 slides are uploaded to eALPS (2019/4/7)
    • Please check the initial syllabus.
  • Textbook A (same as Environmental Economics I)
  • Textbook B (* Please read syllabus in eALPS before purchasing)
  • Policy of the grade (planned)
    • Final exam (August 1st) + score adjustment
    • Individual class attendance: I may check only the required (compulsory) 4th grade students.
    • Overall class attendance: I will consider it for the number of class credits.
    • Class attendance is confirmed only by “the room card reader.” I do not care about students’ job hunting, sickness, and so on.

Latest publication

Research interests (selected publications & achievement list)

  • Environmental economics
  • Environmental management


  • yagimichiyuki at

Seminar/Lab (early 2019)

  • Seminar (for bachelor course): 4 male students
    • 4th: 3 males (Ogawa, Sakai, Yamaguchi), 2nd: 1 male (Terao)
  • Laboratory (for master and doctor course): None
    • I’m not looking for master’s or doctoral student in this semester.

Class grade for the 2nd semester in FY2018 (2019.2.3)