Education activities 2020.9.17

Education activities 2020.9.17

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Current class

(late 2020)

  • Environmental Economics Ⅰ (Thu. 4th period)
  • Operations Research (Fri, 3rd)
  • Advanced Environmental Economics (Mon, 4th)

(early 2020)

  • Environmental Economics II (Thu. 4th period)
  • Seminar for Freshman I (Wed. 2nd)

Current Seminar/Lab. (FY2020)

  • Registered students: 0 students
  • Total students
  • Seminar (for bachelor course): 1 male students
    • 2nd: 1 male (Terao)
  • Laboratory (for master and doctor course): No students
    • I’m not looking for master’s or doctoral student in this semester.

Research introduction (for high-school students; FY2018) [Japanese]

Past classes (etc.)

  • FY2019 (Faculty of Economics and Law, Shinshu Univ.)

  • FY2018 (Faculty of Economics and Law, Shinshu Univ.)

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